2017 Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) 

CSA Share Options for 2017:
16 week vegetable share
4 week Fall share
8 week Alberta Fruit share
Easy Fun Share where we take some of the work out of food preparation
Egg shares 
Pick your weeks share - customize your deliveries to suit your summer.
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Payment plan information is on the form

Click here for your form Billyco Junction Gardens 2017 CSA form.pdf 
Questions and Answers below.

Bill talks about the operation on you tube.

There is a BIG difference in nutritional value and taste with locally grown produce that is free from herbicide and pesticide residue.  Produce that has been allowed to ripen naturally and has been harvested the same day or day before is far superior to anything picked before it's time.  


What is a CSA?
A CSA is a summertime adventure!  A gardening service where we harvest and deliver to a host home of your choice. 

Tired of the congestion and chaos of a farmers market or can't even get there?  Get your vegetables clean, packaged and ready to prepare.  Buy a share in the program and get your weekly share of fresh produce direct from our gardens throughout the growing and harvest season.    

What are the benefits of joining Billyco Junction Garden's CSA?
1.) You know where and how your food is grown, and under what weather conditions.  This is a big benefit in your family's food safety.  You are welcome to visit or work on the farm to see for yourself where real food lives and grows from the ground up!  
2.) Everything is pesticide free and naturally grown, the food tastes like it was meant to taste.

3.) Producet is harvested just before delivery, you get a product that is weeks fresher and at it's optimal nutritional value.
4.) We grow items that you may not be familiar with or think you do not like, but try everything as you will soon find that fresh, well grown vegetables and fruits are not like the ones you buy in the store.  
5.) Our fruits and vegetables are naturally ripened and grown on our farm.

Where do you deliver? 

Our drop off / pick up points so far are:
Edmonton - Tuesday afternoons 

Calgary - Thursday afternoons

Airdrie - Thursday afternoons

Red Deer and Blackfalds - Thursday afternoons

Read What People have said about our CSA Program 2013.pdf 

The Easy Fun Share consists of 8 weeks of prepared goods from our approved kitchen to yours with Fruit pies, homemade baked goods like buns, breads using organic flours, soups, jams and pickled goods, any vegetables and fruits that we have a smaller supply of and frozen items.

What's new?
We have extended our deliveries by 4 Fall weeks, this share includes root cellar items, prepared goods, and fruits frozen earlier in the season.

Egg shares come from a neighboring farm where the hens are allowed to range freely.  They are fed a plant based feed, meaning no animal by products and no hormones or antibiotics.  They are quite happy and are protected from predators.  Customers can ask to see the chickens before deciding to buy the eggs, this farmer and her sons sell a lot of eggs this way.  The eggs are supplied by the ‘Issa Brown’ breed & are large in size & brown in color.


How do I get my form and payment to you?
E transfers:info@billycojunction.com 
Fax: 403 782-4202. 
Phone: 403 782-4263.
Or send to: Billyco Junction Ltd., RR#4, Lacombe, AB. T4L 2N4  

What forms of payment do you take?
We accept e transfer to info@billycojunction.com, Debit, Cash or Cheques payable to Billyco Junction Ltd.   We can take visa and mastercard, but the processing fees are high.

Is there a payment plan?
Yes, the share price is divided into 4 payments, this is to be done using post-dated cheques.  Information is on the CSA form.

What kinds of vegetables do you grow?
We grow 40 different types of vegetables involving over 100 varieties of vegetables each season. There will be lighter crops like lettuce, kale, leafy greens, and swiss chard. Veggies such as peas, carrots, cucumbers, beans, and onions come in mid-season. Later crops like cabbage, squash, pumpkins, corn and potatoes, round out the season. We will be growing the same products this year as we did in 2013 - see the pdf from 2013 for the list. 
Some years we may have oodles of zucchini or piles of beans and no basil or carrots!  Other years we could have loads of carrots and small amounts of peas due to the weather conditions, we keep replanting the stuff we can.  Some products we cannot replant just because it takes all summer to get one crop like the pumpkins and the squashes.  Some of the vegetables and fruits we are growing 2013.pdf


Can I buy a Fruit Share with my Vegetable Share?
Yes, fruit shares are only available with a vegetable share.  Check off the fruit share space on the registration form and how many you want. 

What if we are gone for a week or two during the program and are unable to pick up our share?
Introduce a friend or family member to the CSA program by having them pick up and enjoy your share.
OR we can hold and double your share the next week.

Can I join for part of the season?  We want to go on vacation too.
Yes.  We have an option where you tell us what weeks you want to take delivery, use the calendar on the CSA form to indicate which weeks you want.
How can I help out?
We trade some of the share price for good help.  You can help us in a number of ways. 
1.)  A driving share - delivering the shares from the farm to your community.
2.)  Act as a host  - you receive the delivered shares at your address so others can get their shares from you.                            
3.)  You can work along side us with the tasks on the farm.
4.)  Help pick fruit, half for you and half for us.

Do you have a fund raising program?                                                 

Yes we do, there are two options.  
Option One is where your organization purchases CSA shares and a percentage is returned to the organization.   
Option two is a one time order placed in the Fall when everything has been harvested and put away in the root cellars.  We supply you with a list of everything we grow and make.  It is a refreshing option, call us for more details.

Where is your farm?
We are located in the County of Lacombe.  You will find a map as you hover with your cursor over the 'contacts' page showing you where we are.

What can I expect each week?
In 2016 we posted pictures of every delivery we made on our Billyco Junction Gardens Facebook page.
Billyco CSA deliveries for 2016 - 20 weeks.pdf
Billyco CSA deliveries list for 2015.pdf
Below is what we delivered in 2012
Below is what we delivered in 2013
What we delivered in 2014.pdf